About Trisha Harvey

Trisha Harvey

Aesthetician and Cryotherapist

Trisha Harvey “For over 20 years, I have been running a successful, specialised, skincare treatment business Thorntonhall Therapies”. I am also a sports masseuse and a qualified Power Plate and Gyrotonic trainer.

Sports have been a passion throughout my life and I am an avid sportswoman, Netball, Lacrosse and the Swim teams at school led me on to win the British Ironwoman championship and Scottish Ladies 100 miles, cycling, time trial championship.

Most recently I have swum the North Channel, (22-mile channel swim between Northern Ireland and Scotland) with my daughter. 7 weeks later we swam the English Channel, a 21-mile channel swim between England and France. Between us, we raised over £20,000 for Maggies Glasgow, and we were the first 2-person relay team, as well as the mother-daughter team, in the world, to swim the North Channel.

I have taken my passion for helping people improve their skin and, my great interest in sport, to set up Thorntonhall Cryo and bring the fantastic benefits of Cryotherapy to the West coast of Scotland.

What Patients Say
– Yvonne Smith

When asked what is the treatment like? She Replied ” At first, as I got dressed, I did not notice a difference but as soon as even driving home, my shoulder and neck felt better. I cannot believe it, I honestly did not know what to expect. Cryo is amazing! These were the first pain free days for over 20 years”