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    Small Cryo Treatments

    These treatments are for inflamed areas and joints

    I use the Cryo Penguin, which is state-of-the-art technology which uses liquid nitrogen and smart lasers to measure skin temperature which provides a safe and enjoyable cryo- stimulation treatment.

    How local Cryotherapy supports
    and helps with pain management.

    The use of low temperature in the healing process for pain management has been around for centuries in the form of ‘ice packs’ or ‘cold showers. Cryotherapy elicits the same effects, but as temperatures achieved are considerably lower than other forms of treatment, results are seen quicker over a much shorter period.

    Localised cryo treatment plays an important role in acute or chronic pain, pain due to injury or surgery, by reducing pain and swelling to promote healing. A cryotherapy treatment session is simply more effective than ice packs and compression bandages, so if fast recovery is a priority for you, this is for you.

    Scientific approach

    The science behind pain management and recovery is well documented, and the application of the low temperature around the treated area tricks the brain into reacting to this external stimulus by:

    • constricting blood vessels,
    • instantly reducing any further swelling and bruising,
    • preserving heat and simultaneously increasing levels of oxygen,
    • pain-relieving endorphins, nutrients and anti-inflammatory substances within the blood.

    Once your treatment stops:

    • blood rushes back to the outer body bringing an enriched blood supply that promotes speedier recovery and pain relief naturally.
    • Toxins and inflammatory substances are flushed away and metabolised from the body.

    Localised cryotherapy benefits

    The benefits of a localised treatment are that it:

    • Relieves soreness and inflammation
    • Boosts athletic performance
    • Reduces post-workout recovery time
    • Improves blood circulation
    • Speeds recovery after injury or surgery

    The relief from pain and inflammation can be felt and seen immediately, after one session. Effective results for longer term pain and inflammation will require more than one treatment. Your body will start to respond to the cryotherapy treatments by improving your blood circulation which accelerating the healing process.