thinAir Therapy Treatment

thinAir Adaptive Oxygen Therapy Glasgow

All ages, abilities and situations – there are no barriers to wellness with thinAir


When I initially heard and read about thinAir treatment I thought to myself, I need one of these machines for me. It would not only help me grow old gracefully, but I love the idea of it helping with (the mitochondria) maintenance of my skin cells and that it will give me more energy and, help me remain fitter so that I can participate in sports (into my dotage!!) longer.

After my initial 15-day course (within a 21 day period), I could not believe the difference in my skin and my energy levels and fitness, but I also noticed the difference it had made to my immediate family members and clients. The thin Air treatment machine delivers an adaptive oxygen therapy it works for everyone individually

My husband, who was slightly sceptical (to say the least) at the start, absolutely loves the machine.

My sister feels she has more energy, her eyes are so much brighter and the arthritis in her hands has eased that she can now clench her hands which she could never have done before.

Tom has recently been through a triple heart operation, he then got COVID-19 and suffered from tiredness, and lack of energy. He used to have to lie down and sleep during the day.

Since finishing his 15 days thinAir treatment course he has had a completely new lease of life, he doesn’t have to sleep during the day anymore, his thoughts are so much clearer, the pain in his shoulder has gone, and he is getting through his work so much easier and efficiently. Personally, I have noticed the change in his pallour, from grey to having color about him.

Recover, Repair, Regenerate

thinAir’s revolutionary oxygen therapy delivers personalised programmes to support your body to Recover, Repair, and Regenerate.

Combining the science of intermittent hypoxic therapy (IHT) with sophisticated software, thinAir has created a world-first in adaptive oxygen therapy that is changing the way people live.


Thinair is designed for clients of all ages and all physical abilities to help them achieve their goals – there are no barriers to using thinAir.

thinAir can be used for a huge variety of reasons, including slowing the aging process, relieving chronic pain, and helping boost mental clarity and brainpower.
It also helps improve athletic performance and aids sleep and relaxation.

All the benefits are achieved without physical exercise. Strange as it may seem, by simply sitting in a comfortable chair and just breathing, you can achieve a superior level of wellness and fitness.

It is exercise without exercising – the simulator does all the hard work whilst you sit back and relax, getting fit and healthy has never been so enjoyable.

How Will it Work for Me?

thinAir treatments operate on three levels:

thinAir Plus for people in good physical shape, and thinAir Elite for top level athletes.

Your thinAir treatment is delivered by a “smart” machine, and it never pushes you beyond your safe limits. It is constantly monitoring and controlling the level of oxygen in your bloodstream to ensure your safety and successful results.

The key point of thinAir is the way it adapts in real-time to your body. The benefits of your thinAir treatment are felt after 15 sessions, but clients, who suffer from chronic pain or are seeking a significant improvement in their skin, will need more sessions.

I work with people of all ages and all physical abilities to help you to achieve their goals – there are no barriers to using thinAir.