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What is Cryotherapy?

Cryogenics has been used for hundreds of years. Cryotherapy is a safe and trusted treatment. Cryotherapy is the use of cold temperatures (-160C) to stimulate a natural response from the body so promoting quicker recovery from exercise, injury and pain.

The application of extremely low temperature around the treated area tricks the brain into reacting to this external stimulus. The body reacts by constricting blood vessels, instantly reducing any further swelling and bruising, preserving heat, and simultaneously increasing levels of oxygen, pain-relieving endorphins, nutrients, and anti-inflammatory substances within the blood.

Once treatment stops blood rushes back to the outer body bringing an enriched blood supply that promotes speedier recovery and pain relief naturally. Toxins and inflammatory substances are flushed away and metabolised from the body.

Who Is Cryotherapy for

What Makes Me Different?

Thorntonhall Cryo specialises in localised pain management and skin issues. I use localised cryotherapy equipment and cryo-stimulation techniques for the treatment of everyday and fitness injuries such as joint and back problems and inflammatory skin issues, e.g. Rosacea and Eczema.
For over 20 years, I have been running a successful, specialised, skincare treatment business Thorntonhall Therapies. I am also a sports masseuse and a qualified Power Plate and Gyrotonic trainer.

I have been interested in sports throughout my life and I am an avid sportswoman. I have won the British Ironwoman champion and Scottish Ladies 100 miles, cycling, time trial.

Most recently I have swum the North Channel, (21-mile channel swim between Northern Ireland and Scotland) with my daughter. 7 weeks later we swam the English Channel (21-mile channel swim between England and France. Between us, we raised over £20,000 for Maggies Glasgow, and we were the first-ever 2-person relay team, as well as mother-daughter team to swim the North Channel

I have taken my passion for helping people improve their skin and, my great interest in sport and set up Thorntonhall Cryo to bring the benefits of Cryotherapy to the west coast of Scotland.

My Core Values

My Clinic

My clinic is a state of the art facility equipped with the newest Cryotherapy technology, capable of handling all of your needs.


  • No Overlapping Appointments
  • No Waiting room or reception
  • Safe off the road Parking
  • Bespoke Clinic
  • State of the Art Cryotherapy Machine
  • Easy transport links from and to Glasgow

Video - My Clinic and Stretching Area